SoBo Sportsman Rules

Grassroots All Star Series, or GASS, is a full-bodied pure stock division akin to the golden era of short track “pure stock” racing of the late 1980’s. This series is an attempt at reliving those golden days by competing in full bodied stock cars in a weekly racing series, much like the Friday night and Saturday night heroes of the 1980’s. The following is an outline of the race procedures of GASS. The idea here is to replicate a short track, weekly racing series much like the era this series is replicating. Heats, consolation races and feature events with handicapping, tight point battles all taking place at the same track week in and week out.

The seasons will be twelve weeks long, allowing for two drop weeks for all competitors. This series will consider each competitor’s best ten-scoring weeks when tabulating points. This allows for two missed races for commitments outside of the series or negates bad finishes.

This series will take place exclusively at South Boston Speedway using the NASCAR 1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo and the NASCAR 1987 Ford Thunderbird. Horsepower will be reduced by 5% to account for the power-to-weight ratio that these cars put out. The only dynamic factor will be weather. Early and late in each season the weather will be cooler and less humid. The middle of the season will be hotter and more humid. This is at the discretion of admins and will be visible only on race day.

This is an OPEN SETUP series.

Heat races are 12 laps. Consolation races are 8 laps. Feature races are 35 laps. Yellows do NOT count.

There will be a Triple Crown series with extra race distance. Triple Crown features are 40 laps.

Feature events will take a maximum of 24 cars, no exceptions.


Point breakdown:


Position:    Points Awarded:

  1. 10
  2. 8
  3. 6
  4. 5
  5. 4
  6. 3
  7. 2
  8. 1


Position:    Points Awarded:

  1. 50
  2. 48
  3. 46
  4. 44
  5. 42
  6. 40
  7. 38
  8. 36
  9. 34
  10. 32
  11. 30
  12. 28
  13. 26
  14. 24
  15. 22
  16. 20
  17. 18
  18. 16
  19. 14
  20. 12
  21. 10
  22. 8
  23. 6
  24. 4


If you show up for the event but fail to qualify, you are awarded 2 points. If you qualify through the heat but fail to grid for the feature, you will be scored last, regardless of the number of drivers this affects. Example: if three drivers qualify through normal procedures, but fail to grid for the feature, all three drivers are awarded 4 points for making the feature event.

Triple crown feature race points are doubled and count toward the triple crown championship. Heat scoring remains the same.

Handicapping system:

Race 1

No heats. Feature only. Grid is set by 2 lap single car qualifying. Field is randomly inverted by fast qualifier. No points awarded for qualifying.

Races 2-12

Handicapping system is in effect.



Gridded by inverting points

Competitor with the lowest championship point total starts pole heat 1. Competitor with 2nd lowest championship point total starts pole heat 2. This occurs until all heat spots are filled. Remaining competitors are placed into heats randomly, always gridding behind series regulars.

The heats ALWAYS take 8 drivers to the feature. Heat size is determined by participation and is at the discretion of the administrator. The 8 drivers that transfer to the feature through heat qualifying are awarded points (see table above)

16 competitors = two eight-car heats – all qualify

20 competitors = two ten-car heats – Top 8 qualify

24 competitors = two twelve-car heats – Top 8 qualify

29 competitors = one fourteen-car heat and one fifteen-car heat – top 8 qualify

30 competitors = two fifteen-car heats – top 8 qualify




Drivers who fail to qualify through the heat must compete in the consolation race, which grids ALL remaining drivers. The field is 24 cars maximum, no exceptions.

Consolation race winner grids p17, second grids p18 and so on, until the field is full or until we run out of consolation competitors.



The feature events are 35 laps in length.

Triple Crown features are 40 laps in length.

The qualifier who has the lowest championship points total grids p1. The qualifier with the second lowest championship points total grids p2. This occurs until all positions 1-15 are filled. Previous week’s feature winner grids p16 ALWAYS. Positions 17-26 are filled with consolation competitors.




Very simple. Typical short track rules are in place and are at the full discretion of administration. No intentional wrecking, spinning or excessive bumper use. We chose these cars at this track to replicate real grassroots-style racing. Have fun, be respectful. Races will be reviewed, and points docked also at the discretion of administration. Racing deals happen, but in all short track series across the country, race control knows who the trouble drivers are quickly. Don’t make that driver YOU.


Technical Rules

Car Settings


Eligible cars:
NASCAR 1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

NASCAR 1987 Ford Fusion

Once a driver declares their car choice, they must continue to use that car for the entire season.


Horsepower will be reduced by 5% session wide for all entries.

Fast Repairs: ZERO
Tires Available: ZERO
Driving Assists: All driving assists OFF (Clutch assist OK)
Setups: OPEN


Track Settings

Weather: will be announced via GASS Discord at least 1 day before the race
Weather will be determined by date and track location (early & late season will be cooler, mid-season will be warmer)

Dynamic Sky will be on.
Weather Variables will be set to 5% of desired starting conditions and 5% variation through event


Time: Race dates will be set for consecutive Friday nights starting in May

Time of Day: Qualifying will be set to 6pm and Race will be set to 8PM


Race Settings

Yellow flag laps will NOT count in heats, consolation or feature
Yellow flags are AUTOMATIC

There is NO Lucky Dog
Wave arounds are ON
Consecutive cautions will result in single file restart

There will be 2 attempts at a green/white/checkered finish
Restarts are double file with lapped cars to the back


Race sessions

Race sessions will be run through the GASS iRacing league page. Any GASS registered driver can join.

Session driver limit will be set to 44. 24 will take the feature green