SoBo Sportsman

The SoBo Sportsman Division is the first GASS racing division. This division races exclusively at Virginia’s South Boston Speedway and is a classic, lead sled V8 stock car racing series. Our Sportsman division features iRacing’s NASCAR 87 Chevrolet Monte Carlo & NASCAR 87 Ford Fusion. Both cars have a 5% engine reduction to bring the powerplant down closer to what weekend warriors across the country are getting out of their salvage yard Monte Carlos when they go the track for Saturday night races.

The Sportsman Division is a weekly series follows a classic heat/consi/feature format. Heat races are 12 laps, consolation races are 8 and features are 35. Throughout the 12 week season, there will be 3 special extra lap races (40 laps) for the Championship Inside the Championship, our Triple Crown.

Joining the Sportsman Division is as easy as registering.

Sponsorships for the Division are available including:
Division naming (Your Company Sportsman)
Triple Crown (The Your Company Triple Crown)
Race broadcasts (SoBo Sportsman Division broadcast presented by Your Company)

Individual car sponsorships can be arranged through GASS or directly with the driver.