Grassroots All-Star Series (GASS) promotes short track racing on the iRacing service.

Any and all rules governing GASS events are subject to change without notice. iRacing’s FIRST Sporting Code will apply at all times and will be used in concert with GASS rules. In the event of a conflict between the FIRST Sporting Code and GASS rules, GASS rules will prevail.


Drivers may sign up for the league by sending a request to the League Page.

By completing the registration process, drivers agree to the terms of the entire rulebook.


All new drivers will undergo a probationary period under which their race craft, attendance and demeanor will be observed.  Drivers who are incapable of racing cleanly or drivers who behave in a disruptive manner will be removed from the league without appeal.


Penalty points will be assessed by RACE CONTROL for in race situations including but not limited to:
Intentional wrecking
Jackrabbiting starts
Abuse of text or voice chat channels
Failure to hold brake after being involved in an incident causing additional cars to be involved
Retaliation at any point during race session


Before Joining the Session
Consider restarting your computer in order to minimize a mid-race PC issue.
Ensure that your Trading Paints install is running and updated.
Ensure that your Driver Profile App has been updated (link:
Check your microphone.

Joining the Session
Sessions will appear in your League Sessions tab (link:
Session will begin at 6:00 PM Eastern with a 30 minute open practice.
The first 40 registered members will be guaranteed a pit spot.  If the session has 40 members, it is full.

Practice is to be taken seriously.
Intentional wrecking or abuse of the voice or text chat will result in a disqualification and removal from the race session.

The last few minutes of practice will be a brief driver meeting.
When Race Control begins the drivers’ meeting, drivers are asked to not interrupt.
Qualifying will begin immediately after the 30 minute practice session.

Qualifying is a 5 minute session
Drivers have 2 laps to post their time.
Drivers are not to use the voice or text chats during the qualifying session.
First offense will be a warning.
Second offense will result in an EOL for the feature race.
Race Control will not advance the session early.

After qualifying drivers will be loaded into their heat races.
This will be done automatically by the iRacing server.
Heat races will be 12 laps in length.
Yellow flag laps do not count.
Consecutive yellow flags will result in single file restart.
No fast repairs, no extra tire sets.
3 attempts at a Green/White/Checker finish
3 spins & you’re in rule is in effect.
If you spin 3 times in a heat, you are parked for the night.
If you are spun by another car, that spin does not count towards your total.

The top 8 finishers from each heat will be sent directly to the feature.

Consolation Races
Drivers who do not transfer from the heats will be sent to the Consolation Race.
The Consi is 8 laps in length.
It follows the same rules as the heat races.
The top 8 finishers in the Consi will complete the feature race field.

Feature Races
The feature race grid will be set by the iRacing server until such a time that Race Control can edit the grid.
Up to 24 cars will start the feature.
Feature races will be 35 laps with the exception of 3 extra-distance races.
The extra-distance races will be 40 laps and called the Ayers Iracing Paints Triple Crown.
Feature races will follow the same rules at the consi and heat races.

Additional Rules

Aggressive driving
Bump & Runs are allowed. However, it is the responsibility of the passing car to do so safely.
Intentionally spinning, or failure to execute a bump & run successfully will result in an EOL.
Abusive language will result in swift and severe penalties.
GASS members are expected to behave in an appropriate manner across all platforms (iRacing, Discord, YouTube, Twitch & all social media).

Points Distribution

Heat Races
1st – 10 pts
2nd – 8 pts
3rd – 6 pts
4th – 5 pts
5th – 4 pts
6th – 3 pts
7th – 2 pts
8th – 1 pt
9 – x – 0 pts

Consolation Race
No points awarded

Feature Race
1st – 50 pts
2nd – 48 pts
3rd – 46 pts
4th – 44 pts
5th – 42 pts
6th – 40 pts
7th – 38 pts
8th – 36 pts
9th – 34 pts
10th – 32 pts
11th – 30 pts
12th – 28 pts
13th – 26 pts
14th – 24 pts
15th – 22 pts
16th – 20 pts
17th – 18 pts
18th – 16 pts
19th – 14 pts
20th – 12 pts
21st – 10 pts
22nd – 8 pts
23rd – 6 pts
24th – 4 pts

Bonus & Penalties
GASS does not award bonus points.
Penalty points may be issued on a case by case basis for severe on-track altercations.


GASS races are all open set-up.
There is no entry fee for the SoBo Sportsman Division.
Car paints may not contain abusive language or imagery or political statements.