Grassroots All-Star Series (GASS) promotes short track racing on the iRacing service.

Any and all rules governing GASS events are subject to change without notice. iRacing’s FIRST Sporting Code will apply at all times and will be used in concert with GASS rules. In the event of a conflict between the FIRST Sporting Code and GASS rules, GASS rules will prevail.


Drivers may sign up for the league by filling out the registration form on this website.

By completing the registration process, drivers agree to the terms of the entire rulebook.


All new drivers will undergo a probationary period under which their race craft, attendance and demeanor will be observed.  Drivers who are incapable of racing cleanly or drivers who behave in a disruptive manner will be removed from the league without appeal.


Penalty points will be assessed by RACE CONTROL for in race situations including but not limited to:
Intentional wrecking
Jackrabbiting starts
Abuse of text or voice chat channels
Failure to hold brake after being involved in an incident causing additional cars to be involved
Retaliation at any point during race session