Gargaro Wins Second in a Row in Emotional Start

Senneker (19) & Wilson (75) run side by side.

Three weeks in and the storylines are starting to develop here in the GASS SoBo Sportsman division. The Canadian Contingent, lead by Ryan Messer (1), have made their presence felt up and down the pit lane at South Boston. Messer was sitting high, wide and handsome in first place coming in to week 3 action. But, the MDi sponsored #1 Monte Carlo didn’t come off the jack stands, despite it being the first round of the Ayers Iracing Paints Triple Crown Series. Several regular drivers missed the race. Eight cars took the green flag for the heat & feature races.

Jumping in to the 12-lap heat, David Gargaro, Jr. (42dg) brought a special car, running the Larry’s Auto Machines #4 of David Berge. Berge, a fellow racer from New England, passed away on Monday. Gargaro, determined to put the #4 car in victory lane one last time, set upon that task early, setting the pace with the fastest Q-lap. Then continued to put pressure on the field when he launched hard and heavy off the green flag. Behind Gargaro, it was a fight for second between Jason Menda (45) and Lowell Jewell (52). Menda got the best of the battle, giving him outside pole for the feature race.

In the 40-lap extra distance feature it was next verse, same as the first. Gargaro got up on the loud pedal and left the field in the distance. He lead all 40 laps, and finished 1.501 seconds ahead of the field. Menda and Jewell continued to battle for second, with Menda again getting the win. John Wilson with the Valvoline #75 and Ryan Senneker in the Virtual Grip Network #19 had the race of the night, and ran side by side for several laps battling for 4th. This time it was Wilson getting the edge. Travis Ricker (3), JD Atkin (92) and Steven Hilbert (10) wrapped up the field to finish the evening.

But the story was up front, as Gargaro paid tribute to his fallen friend in magnificent fashion. A fitting finish as drivers left the server with David Berge’s #4 sitting in Victory Lane for the last time.

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