5 Cars Start First Recruiting Race

“You picked a fine time to leave me, loose wheel.” (Stanley Carr II, #17)

The first SoBo Sportsman Division recruiting race happened on Tuesday the 23rd, with 5 cars taking the green for the 35-lap feature race. But it was a two-car race up front with Dave Gargaro, Jr battling Andrew McKenzie for the first ever GASS checked flag. Stanley Carr stuck his nose in to make it a threeway dance for a few laps before losing grip coming off turn 2 and sliding hard into the wall cost him his front end. Despite losing his right front tire up the track, the race stayed green. Gargaro eventually snagged the lead and was able to hold off the hard charging McKenzie car to snatch the win.

In the single heat, it was the same story, with McKenzie and Gargaro fighting to grab the heat win. But in the 12-lap shootout, McKenzie took the glory, earning himself the pole for the feature.

SoBo Sportsman Feature (35 Laps)
Cautions: 2
Lead Changes: 1
Leaders: Gargaro, Jr., McKenzie
Strength of Field: 1921
Average Lap Time: 0:24.279

1. David Gargaro Jr (#42DG)
2. Andrew McKenzie (#41) -0:03.803
3. Paul Miles (#96MA) -6
4. Stanley Carr II (#17) -7
5. Greg Estell (#2) -22
6. Chase McLemore (DNS)
7. Robert Haywood (DNS)

The stars & cars of the Grassroots All-Star Series will be back at it after the Thanksgiving Day weekend, with another 35-lap recruiting race at Virginia’s South Boston Speedway. That race will once again appear in your Hosted Sessions and feature the NASCAR ’87 cars (-5% engine) on Tuesday the 30th. Gates open at 6:00 PM Eastern for 30 minutes of open practice.

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