SoBo Sportsman Division Mini-Season Announced

Grassroots All-Star Series announced that in preparation for it’s first full season of Sportsman division short track racing, it will be hosting a 4-week mini-season at South Boston Speedway beginning on November 23rd and concluding on December 14th.

The SoBo Sportsman Division features iRacing’s NASCAR 87 cars (the Chevrolet Monte Carlo & Ford Fusion), both at -5% engine to bring them down closer to Friday night V8 race cars. Each race will feature a 30 minute practice session (starting at 6:00PM Eastern) followed by a 5-minute 2-lap solo time trial session. The time trials will populate 2 heat races. 8 drivers from each heat race will advance directly to the 35-lap feature with the rest running an 8-lap consolation race sending the top 8 finishers to the 24-car feature.

To reserve a number for the first race on November 23rd, join the GASS Discord server at:

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